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Key stage: KS1, KS2

Region(s): England

The English Hubs are a network of 34 schools appointed by the Department for Education to improve teaching in three priority areas:

  • Early Language Development: Providing evidence-based approaches to support early language acquisition and help close the word gap in school-based early years settings.
  • Phonics Provision: Encouraging best practice in the teaching of systematic synthetic phonics from school-based Early Years to the end of KS1.
  • Promoting a Love of Reading: Supporting approaches to encourage reading for enjoyment.

The English Hubs were selected for their expertise in teaching reading and support state-funded primary schools by providing:

  • Workshops that showcase best practice and training opportunities.
  • Help with the development of an action plan for improving teaching of early language and reading.
  • Detailed audits of in-school phonics and reading provision for eligible schools.
  • Bespoke support for eligible schools.
  • Access to DfE funding for schools that meet the required criteria.

English Hubs are responsible for organising their own programme of events and have each been allocated a geographical area.  However, some English Hubs offer online training events that are open to all schools. Schools wishing to apply for bespoke support need to complete an online Self-Referral Form for their chosen English Hub.

Cost: Free

About English Hubs: The English Hubs were appointed in 2018 by the Department for Education. Each English Hub has a Hub Lead and a team of Literacy Specialists who all receive training and ongoing support from the English Hubs Training Centre. The English Hubs Programme is overseen by the English Hubs Council that includes leading phonics experts and headteachers.

Literacy Hive Likes:

  • An interactive map allows you to easily identify a local English Hub.
  • English Hubs provide practical support based on their own experiences of successfully teaching reading.
  • Working with a local English Hub helps schools to network and create supportive communities within their area.

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