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Resource type: Online learning and apps

Price band: £

Key stage: KS1, KS2

Region(s): All of UK

Fiction Express is an online platform that engages primary pupils with reading and writing through the co-creation of stories with professional children’s authors.

Every half term, three books are published in weekly chapters. There is one book for each of the three different reading levels. Pupils read the published chapter and, at the end, can vote to decide which direction the author should take for the next chapter.

Pupils can also engage with the author and other readers via the Live Forum. Here they can share their comments and reply to questions from the author that encourage them to think about the story and their response in more depth.

Every chapter comes with a range of teaching resources designed to support the National Curriculum:

  • Reading: Guided reading notes are provided and there is the opportunity to discuss the different story options before voting. Pupils can also access the online library of completed stories for further reading practice.
  • Comprehension: Online quiz at the end of each chapter with follow-up comprehension exercise.
  • Vocabulary: Every chapter includes a look-up function for selected words, while exercises and activities help to extend and embed new vocabulary.
  • Grammar: Exercises to practise aspects of grammar within the context of the chapter.
  • Writing: Writing activities that cover different styles and writing purposes and a Book Review option for every title.

Cost: From £4/pupil per year.

About Fiction Express: Fiction Express was founded in 2012 with the aim of providing schools with an interactive, engaging resource that promoted reading. It is now owned by Boolino, Europe’s leading children’s book recommendation platform for parents, teachers and librarians.

Literacy Hive Likes:

  • Access to an author and the power to shape how a story is written provide a great incentive for young readers.
  • The platform can be used for whole class teaching or to support smaller groups of pupils.
  • The online teacher dashboard allows teachers to monitor pupils’ activity, participation and progress over the year.
  • Pupils can see comments from readers in other countries and are part of a global community of readers.
  • Pupils create an online alias to protect their privacy and the Live Forum is moderated to ensure comments are appropriate and considerate.
  • Award-winning platform.

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