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Resource type: Catch-up intervention

Price band: ££

Key stage: KS1, KS2

Region(s): England - Greater London, England - North West

Literacy Lab and Reading Lab are catch-up interventions designed to help disadvantaged primary pupils gain the literacy skills they need to reach their full potential. Literacy Lab and Reading Lab are currently available in London and Manchester but are expanding into other areas. Contact The Children’s Literacy Charity for more information.

Expert tutors deliver 1:1 or 1:3 specialist literacy tuition to KS1 and KS2 pupils within their school setting.

Literacy Labs: Literacy Lab is a phonics-based, multi-sensory programme aimed at KS1 pupils who struggle to make progress in the mainstream classroom with their literacy skills. A dedicated specialist tutor provides two x 45 minute sessions every week to close the gap in reading, writing, comprehension, speaking and listening. Schools can opt for 1:1 and/or 1:3 sessions to best suit the needs of the pupils over the course of the year.

Reading Lab: The Reading Lab intervention has been created to support pupils in Years 4-6 who are able to decode, but lack the fluency skills required to comprehend texts. The ten-week intensive programme supports 15 pupils, providing two x 45 minute sessions every week for five groups of three pupils. During each session, pupils work with a specialist tutor to target vocabulary, fluency and reading comprehension.

Literacy Lab and Reading Lab are both part-funded programmes. Schools that meet the required Pupil Premium and Free School Meals criteria contribute just one third of the total costs of the programmes.

Cost: Please contact The Children’s Literacy Charity for more information regarding costings.

About The Children’s Literacy Charity: The Children’s Literacy Charity aims to close the literacy gap for the most disadvantaged in society through the provision of specialist one-to-one and small group tuition.

Literacy Hive Likes:

  • The Children’s Literacy Charity provides specialist literacy tutors who are skilled at building relationships with hard-to-reach children and who work closely with the partner school to ensure that each child is supported as effectively as possible.
  • The programmes use a mix of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic approaches to overcome barriers to learning.
  • The use of high quality texts with lots of book talk during sessions helps develop vocabulary and encourages reading for pleasure.
  • One-to-one or small group tuition with the same, dedicated tutor provides a safe and nurturing environment to help build confidence and self-esteem.
  • Pupils participating in the Literacy Lab intervention can make five months’ progress in four weeks and the majority of children graduate from the programme within two to three terms.
  • On average, pupils participating in the Reading Lab make 10 months’ progress over the 10-week programme.
  • Literacy Lab and Reading Lab have been rated as ‘gold standard’ literacy interventions by the University of Sheffield.
  • For partner schools, The Children’s Literacy Charity runs parental engagement programmes and can also provide literacy training for school staff across a range of topics.

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