Resources for World Book Day – our top ten

19 February, 2021

World Book Day is just around the corner and there are lots of different ways of celebrating it. If you are interested in adding a bit of author magic to the day, we’ve pulled together a calendar of online events in our Online Author Events blog. But author events aren’t the only way to celebrate. Here is a list of our top ten resources for a hands-on World Book Day.

  1. The World Book Day website has a host of activities to tempt and engage readers of all ages. Download the WBD school packs for tips on how to make the most of everything that is on offer:
    1. Nursery Pack
    2. Primary School Pack
    3. Secondary School Pack
  2. Usborne Books have put together five World Book Day activities that, between them, should appeal to every kind of reader. There are introductory videos and ready-to-go downloadable resources covering creative writing, designing your own fact-filled poster and even some record breaking.
  3. Head over to Authorfy and try a 10 Minute Challenge every day of World Book Day week. These are writing or illustration challenges set by best-selling authors and illustrators. You could choose a challenge that focuses on a different genre each time, or ask pupils to have a go at creating their own 10 Minute Challenge based on a book they are reading or have read.
  4. All around the country teachers are reading aloud from behind a mask and asking children to guess who the reader is – #maskedreader. It’s a great way of introducing children to a range of different titles or genres. Or perhaps your pupils could be the Masked Readers?
  5. Have you heard the new World Book Day rap from @MrMCGrammar? If not, have a listen and have a go at one of the following:
    1. Can you identify all the books mentioned in the song?
    2. Can you learn and perform the rap?
    3. Have a go at writing your own version!
  6. Looking for some writing inspiration? We love Chris Riddell’s selection of Illustrations In Search of a Story. There are three sets of expressive, whimsical and fantastical drawings for 5+, 8+ and 11+. Each and every one deserves a tale.
  7. Take a look at the Discovering Children’s Books section of the British Library website. They have some great activities and ideas but we particularly like Step Inside Your Story and the Miniature Books project. Both come with lots of inspiring examples from authors and illustrators to get you started.
  8. Toppsta is a book review site that uses children’s own reviews to generate recommendations. Sign up (it’s free) and get your pupils to write a review of their favourite book to encourage others to read it too.
  9. Herts for Learning have put together two poetry-based activities for World Book Day for KS1 and KS2. If you like the idea but want to choose a different poem, take a look at CLPE’s Poetryline website for some inspiration.
  10. Make books special by asking your pupils to choose and print out one of the many free bookplates from Bookplates UK, all created by well-known illustrators. The bookplates could be used for children’s own books or brought in to stick in to the books in your class library once you are back.

We hope that you find some inspiration in these suggestions. Whatever your plans, have a GREAT World Book Day!

Boy reading behind a pile of books