Story Seekers

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Resource type: Projects, programmes and workshops

Price band: Free

Key stage: KS1, KS2

Region(s): All of UK

Story Seekers is a fully-resourced oracy and creative literacy project for primary-aged pupils created by the National Theatre in partnership with the Unicorn Theatre.

The project aims to provide a fun, creative learning experience that develops key oracy and literacy skills and connects children with their own cultural heritage and that of others in their class.

In the project, pupils are invited to become Story Seekers in a mission from the future to seek out stories from around the world to retell and perform.

Designed to be delivered by class teachers with a commitment of two-three hours per week over a period of half a term, the project provides all the resources and training required. These include:

  • A digital theatre peformance to kick start the project.
  • Digital storytelling performances by professional storytellers from around the world.
  • Films by professional theatre artists providing performance ideas and tips for pupils.
  • A Story Seekers Training programme for teachers, created in partnership with CLPE, and a downloadable Teachers’ Mission Guide.

Cost: Free.

About the National Theatre: The National Theatre was founded in 1963, although the first calls for a National Theatre date back as far as 1848. Its mission is to make theatre for everyone: sharing stories with audiences around the world, commissioning theatre-makers to create inspiring and challenging work, and inspiring young people through a nationwide learning programme.

About the Unicorn Theatre: Based in London, the Unicorn Theatre is the UK’s biggest dedicated children’s theatre company. Through creating innovative and inspiring theatre and working in partnership with schools and communities, the Unicorn Theatre works to connect young people up to the age of 13 with stories that will encourage them to question and explore the world.

Literacy Hive Likes:

  • Story Seekers is designed to be flexible to enable teachers to deliver it in the way that best suits their setting.
  • Optional extension activities are included.
  • The project aims to support children’s well-being as well as their enjoyment and engagement with learning.
  • Through the project, teachers can develop their understanding of creative learning practice, storytelling and theatre-making.
  • Story Seekers can be used as part of the Artsmark programme.
  • Created by theatre and educational experts.

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