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Resource type: Lesson plans and teaching aids

Price band: £

Key stage: KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, EYFS

Region(s): All of UK

Widgit is a system of symbols designed to support text, making the meaning clearer and easier to understand.

In the classroom, Widgit symbols can be used to support learning and communication for everyone, but especially children who have difficulties reading text, such as students with SEND or EAL. Symbols can be used to:

  • Signpost the environment.
  • Aid communication and participation.
  • Create visual timetables and explain classroom rules and routines.
  • Support new or unknown vocabulary.
  • Help teach abstract concepts.
  • Provide differentiated activities for the mainstream classroom.
  • Provide visual prompts to support independent writing.

Widgit symbols are available as:

  • Symbol resource packs: packs of symbols to cover popular topics.
  • InPrint 3 software: a bank of 20,000+ symbols, combined with editable templates and design and layout features to allow you to create and print your own materials.
  • Widgit Online: a cloud-based service that provides a bank of 20,000+ symbols, ready-to-use templates and a speak-and- hear function.
  • Apps: a range of apps to support vocabulary, writing and comprehension.

Cost: Resource Packs start from £5. InPrint 3: £295 per year for 10 installations. Widgit Online: £295 per year for a Standard Account (up to 20 users).

About Widgit: Widgit started as a family company with the aim of ensuring fair and equal access to information for everyone. Their bank of over 20,000 symbols is now used in schools, healthcare settings and homes around the the world to support users of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Literacy Hive Likes:

  • The Dual Language Feature Pack allows teachers to translate their resources into more than 80 languages (available with a Widgit Online account).
  • Free trials for both Widgit Online and Inprint 3 are available.
  • Free video tutorials, online webinars and step-by-step help sheets are available, as well as paid-for online and on-site training options.

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