International Literacy Day


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International Literacy Day was set up by UNESCO and is celebrated around the world on the 8th of September. The aim of International Literacy Day is to remind people of the importance of literacy and its vital role in ensuring that everyone achieves their full potential. With over 770 million adults and young people worldwide who lack basic literacy skills, International Literacy Day highlights the need for initiatives that tackle this ongoing literacy challenge.

About UNESCO: UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. Its aim is to build peace, eradicate poverty and drive sustainable development through international cooperation in the key areas of Education, Science and Culture.

Further resources:

  • One to one reading support can provide the time and personal attention to help develop reading confidence for struggling or reluctant readers. There are many organisations across the country that match volunteers with schools. Find one in your area here.
  • Engage reluctant readers by tapping in to their wider interests. Humour can be a way in to reading for some children. The Laugh Out Loud Book Awards (Lollies) provide an opportunity to read and vote for the year’s best funny books. For football fans, the Premier League Reading Stars programme can provide the encouragement and incentive to develop their reading skills.
  • Magazines, comics and newspapers can also tap into wider interests, as well as providing a range of different and more accessible formats.
  • For children who struggle with decoding the printed word, being read to or listening to audio books can help them access the magic of stories and learn how stories work while they develop their own reading skills. The World Book Day website has a range of audio books that are available to listen to for free.
  • Get involved in the new Read Hour initiative and encourage everyone in your school to read for one hour.

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