Reading and Writing Scales

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Resource type: Assessment and progression

Price band: Free

Key stage: KS1, KS2, KS3

Region(s): All of UK

The Reading and Writing Scales are two new planning tools from the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education that have been developed to provide an evidence-based framework to help teachers:

  • Identify what stage of their reading or writing journey a pupil is currently at.
  • Analyse the progress of individual pupils.
  • Consider the next steps required to move each individual forward on their literacy journey.

The scales provide a description of observable pupil behaviours at each of the eight designated stages, from ‘beginner’ to ‘mature, independent’ reader/writer. These descriptions allow teachers to position a child on the scale and to assess where there are gaps in their learning. Alongside the description there is also a ‘Next Steps’ planning section that outlines the provision and practice required to support each child and enable them to move forward.

Cost: Free (with registration) downloadable PDF, or £1.49 for an App version.

About Centre for Literacy in Primary Education: CLPE is an independent charity with over 40 years’ experience of providing evidence-based CPD training and high-quality resources to support teachers.

Literacy Hive Likes:

  • The Reading and Writing Scales have been developed by CLPE in conjunction with four other major literacy organisations: English and Media Centre, National Association for the Teaching of English (NATE), National Association of Advisers in English (NAAE) and UK Literacy Association (UKLA).
  • The Scales are available both as a PDF and as an iOS or Android App. The PDF format can be studied and shared with colleagues, while the App format allows the Scales to be accessed quickly and more discreetly in a classroom situation.
  • Comprehensive Research and Reading sections outline the pedagogical theory and evidence underpinning the development of the Reading and Writing Scales, and provide a useful overview of current research about children as readers and writers.

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