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Key stage: KS2, KS3

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The Reading Champions Challenges are a programme of termly challenges and competitions for pupils aged 5-14. They have been designed to support the development of reading stamina, to increase reading diversity and encourage reading for pleasure.

Each Reading Challenge is themed and comes with a set of supporting teaching resources that include teacher guidance notes, suggested booklists, templates and certificates.

We Wonder: Journey into Space is the new STEM-inspired reading challenge for the start of the spring term 2024. Pupils aged 7-14 will be supported to read more widely and engage with non-fiction texts as they research and plan a journey into space in a rocket of their own design.


  • The We Wonder: Journey into Space challenge will run from 16th January to 22nd March 2024.

Cost: Free with NLT Basic Membership (also free).

About National Literacy Trust: NLT is an independent literacy charity working with schools and communities to give disadvantaged children the literacy skills to succeed in life. The charity runs literacy programmes, CPD training courses for teachers, and provides online resources and tools to its members. It also undertakes research into all aspects of literacy and campaigns to raise awareness of literacy issues.

About Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society: The Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society is a not-for-profit membership organisation that ensures that its author members receive money when their work is copied or used by a third party.

Further resources:

  • Send in photos or scans of your pupils’ rocket designs by 22nd March to be entered into the Journey into Space competition and the chance to win a box of books for your school.
  • Also launching in January is the Wicked Writers: Be the Change writing competition in partnership with stage musical Wicked. Pupils aged 9-14 from across the UK are invited to write persuasively about any environmental issue that is important to them.
  • The Reading Challenges can be run at any time of the year and can also be repeated year after year. Explore the range of previous challenges for more ideas on how to promote reading for pleasure.

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