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Resource type: Book club

Price band: Free

Key stage: KS2

Region(s): All of UK

The World Book Day Book Club provides monthly book recommendations and free supporting resources to help teachers run a regular book club in their primary school. The book recommendations alternate between titles that are broadly suitable for UKS2 and those for LKS2.

For each World Book Day Book Club title, teachers can access a set of free resources that include:

  • Introductory videos with the author.
  • A free online extract of the book.
  • A set of Book Club questions to help get the discussion started.
  • Supporting activities, such as a snack recipe.
  • An online review form that allows teachers to register pupils’ reviews and comments about the book.

Cost: Free, but copies of the recommended titles for reading would need to be bought separately.

About World Book Day: World Book Day is a charity supported by publishers and booksellers. Its mission is to change lives through a love of books and shared reading.

Literacy Hive Likes:

  • The latest research shows that children are more likely to enjoy and engage with reading if they have opportunities to talk about reading together.
  • All previous World Book Day Book Club recommendations and supporting resources are available to view on the World Book Day website.
  • Each World Book Day Book Club author also provides their own recommendations to inspire further reading.
  • Ideas and tips on how to run a successful book club are available here.

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